A unique sales assessment designed by Adam Caplan that accurately identifies their ability and areas requiring attention. Bespoke assessment options available.
Award winning sales training by Adam Caplan built-in plus an intuitive platform giving you the freedom to create tailor made content, assessments or procedures.
Monitor activity and performance across the business with customisable reports offering real-time and schedules options.
Our sales training is certified and recognised by the ISMM (Institute of Sales & Marketing Management.

Quantifying The Ability of Your Staff And Improve Performance

Our online assessment and training software allows training managers to take complete control of their training programmes.
The software comes with our award winning online sales training and assessment courses included.

There simply isn't anything like this on the market today.

Assess - Train - Deliver - Perform

Manage the team - Do you want clear and concise real-time reports to help you easily monitor and develop your staff?

Eco-friendly - Would a potentially paperless and seamless system fit in with your corporate social policy?

Efficient - An intuitive platform that saves time, rapidly improves staff with quantifiable assessments, manages training portfolios and compliance procedures.

Create - Communicate - Instruct - Report

Custom design your own training content - does the idea of a tailor made training solution appeal to you?

Built-in award winning sales training content - do you want to increase your sales through improved skills and enhanced productivity?

Fast return on investment - would you want a platform that improves your business and really unlocks everyone's potential?

Adam Caplan's sales training has transformed how our entire sales and customer service teams operate. The ability to have everyone tested proved to be hugely important and allowed us to improve them in a very targeted manner. The continual assessment feature on all the training modules coupled with the reporting function meant we could monitor who was trying and who wasn't bothering.

My HR team have found it a very useful tool when dealing with uncooperative staff. As a direct result of using this system, we have a highly skilled sales team that all pull in the same direction. We've increased understanding of Health & Safety procedures for using our products for our staff and our customers. It's invaluable. I don't think we could ever be without it, now. - Jeff Gold, Sales Director. The Marwood Group.