Create course

Create courses

Create new or import existing courses quickly and easily with USP's course builder. Full customisation is included; adding the corporate identity and content to tailor the platform to organisation's needs.

invite people

Invite people

The USP platform invites users to the system, driving the creation of personal training programmes for all employees through knowledge and ability assessments. The intuitive interfaces ensure that everybody engages with the system to maximise the learning results.

track result

Track results

Track the progress of every employee in real time. See who has completed their training, passed courses or needs extra support through automated system alerts and reminders. Instant visibility of how compliant your entire organisation is available in real-time.

Flexible e-Learning

Responsive Design

Why choose USP Training?

USP offers flexibility and choice. USP'S scalable eLearning platform comes with a library of courses to choose from and the capability to create bespoke material or import existing courses fulfilling all training requirements. The system offers full customisation and detailed user tracking. Training can be done anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection, making training programmes as flexible and as comprehensive as required.

Responsive Design

Built-in Courses

Explore our course library where you will find training in different sectors like Sales, Health & Safety, Food Hygiene, Management skills, Business skills and Financial skills.

Sales Training

This signature video-based sales training programme from USP has helped salespeople regularly to see sales growth in excess of 300%. This is the most in-depth online sales training programme.

Health & Safety Courses

A variety of health and safety courses provide general and industry-specific training, from writing a health and safety policy and first aid to operating cranes and Working at Height.

Food Hygiene Courses

Food Hygiene courses will equip you with the knowledge to handle food safely and hygienically in different environments.

Management Skills Courses

A suite of courses designed to engage employees with their businesses through giving them the tools to improve their performance at work to understanding the value of their own input, gaining personal satisfaction from their role.

Business Skills Courses

A set of courses designed to help delegates be more effective in their day to day work environment through a mix of self-exploration and learning proven techniques.

Financial Skills Courses

Covers the current legislation surrounding anti-money laundering regulations. Money laundering is the term used to describe the process.

USP Training Features

Course builder & Import existing courses
Built-in training course library
Assessments & questionnaires
Employee engagement programme
Bespoke surveys and feedback tools
Management information reporting tools
Communication & messaging system
Course certification
Corporate compliance tools
Bespoke e-commerce shop
Brand matching customisation
Full support & knowledge base
Knowledge base creator
Bespoke form creator
Full staff appraisal system
An in-house recruitment CRM
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