System Features

The USP online platform increases employee engagement, ability, knowledge and develops positive attitudes whilst reducing compliance risk. It offers fast import of existing content or easy creation of new course materials alongside many other features such as an online e-commerce platform, knowledge base, etc

Course builder & import existing courses

Build courses from scratch using existing materials such as PDF, Powerpoint or Word documents, or use the embedded content creation tools supporting multiple formats. Add media, video, audio, flash and imagery to create an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. Existing courses can be easily imported. Create ongoing assessments to ensure effective learning and to reinforce the assimilation of new information.

Built-in course library

The USP platform has a large library of existing training courses to offer to the workforce. Courses offered include:

Adam Caplan's The Psychology of Sales
Psychometric and Aptitude tests
Exceptional Customer Service
Effective Employee Engagement
Beyond Negotiation
Beyond Time Management
Anti-Money Laundering
Food Hygiene
Suite of Health and Safety courses

These courses are included in the full system or can be purchased individually if required. The full list of courses can be accessed here

Assessments & questionnaires

Enhance the eLearning experience with flexible, engaging and creative assessments or questionnaires to increase learner understanding and reinforce new knowledge. A number of question styles are available to suit the training material, from multiple choice, multiple select, drag and drop, fill in the blanks, descriptive answers or match the pair. Random question selection from larger grouping options are available to reduce plagiarism. Media rich question styles are also available.

Survey & feedback

Built-in survey tools will enhance employee engagement and feedback forms provide a platform for staff to advise how training is being received, how well staff are understanding the material and even feedback on any operational issues. This maximises the effectiveness of the platform for both the organisation and its employees.

Management information & reporting tools

Extensive real time reporting tools provide the ability to track user progress, results and engagement. Visibility of employee training answers, system access and assessments provides valuable management information for the organisation. Reporting can be delivered through a number of methods and covering everything from the entire organisation down to individual users or courses. Overall organisational compliance levels can be accurately seen in real time. High flyers and those needing additional support can be easily identified. Reports can be accessed ‘on-demand’ or automatically generated and emailed to the relevant people in the organisation.

Communication centre

System dashboards provide detailed information related to every user event. Administrators can communicate with the entire workforce, departments, teams and individuals. Staff invited onto online training receive email notifications and auto reminders. Assigned courses can be completed when convenient for the user, around day to day commitments, before work, at home or whilst commuting. All computers, tablets and smartphones can access the platform via any internet connection. Administrators receive notifications and messages when users are over-due on course completion, upon course commencement and for every training event that happens across the organisation. The notification reporting can be modified as required.


The system issues certificates for each user that successfully completes or passes a course. Users become more engaged when they have something concrete to show for their efforts and certificates can be used to evidence and demonstrate compliance or achievement. Certificates can be USP branded or own logo branded.

Corporate compliance

Corporate compliance becomes a simple task using the USP platform. The system helps determine regulatory risk amongst employees, identifies areas for re-training, restores business compliance through remedial training and maintains organisational compliance through ongoing monitoring and assessment, all in real time. Full visibility of the compliance position reduces future risk and allows organisations to take control over staff compliance levels.

Gamification – The USP Avatar Programme

Engage and motivate your workforce by using the gamification functionality of the platform with achievements, points, and badges based on their activity in the system. The forthcoming USP Avatar programme will redefine employee engagement within the organisation. Set up a virtual store where points earned through completed training tasks can be converted to rewards such as merchandise, a half day, discount vouchers, or bespoke rewards as required.


The USP platform offers a bespoke e-commerce catalogue programme allowing any organisation to apply their corporate identity and sell their own course content to other interested parties. If your organisation has a potential revenue stream for online material, this ready made solution will deliver the results. View the demonstration store

Customised design & brand matching

Full system users of the USP platform can offer their employees a branded platform that matches your corporate identity. A fully customisable experience ensures users feel at home with the look and feel of the system, making it part of the culture of the organisation and increasing engagement.

Support & knowledge base

USP offer a number of support options. Telephone support during business hours is available on 020 8530 9790. There is support through an online chat window plus an in-depth knowledge base support site. This self-service portal is populated with Q&A, tutorials and extensive FAQs. It can be accessed through the platform or at:

Build a bespoke knowledge base

Build a bespoke knowledge base tailored to the requirements of the organisation. Add FAQs based on the feedback the users provide and tailor this to the bespoke training created. A customisable knowledge base makes support relevant to the workforce and any specific issues they face.View Demo Knowledge base

HR Tools - Form builder

Form builder turns the training platform into an HR tool with the ability to create forms, such as annual appraisals and reviews, keeping everything in one, secure, place. Compliance forms, HR forms, employment forms, anti-money laundering forms and health and safety statements are just some of the examples already used by USP clients. View Form Builder

Simple administration

Administration is reduced and simplified as employees can sign up and register to any course themselves without the need be manually invited. Automatic reminders with customised emails keep trainees on course. Daily reports automatically delivered to multiple email addresses further reduce the time spent on training administration. With everything in one place (courses, reports, notifications and HR functions) administration is easy. Many of the traditional time-consuming tasks are automated through the USP system. Real time reports and updates provide total visibility to the current state of play within the organisation. Multiple levels of administrator access can be set up to ensure that everyone who needs to access training information can do so without compromising the privacy of non-relevant users.

Import, export

Import or export existing employees into or from the system. Upload external employee attendance (CSV) into the system. Import any existing training courses (and results) to keep everything in one place and keep results consistent across the changeover. The USP support team will provide any advice required on importing and exporting.

Ultra-responsive design

A key benefit of the USP platform is the ultra-responsive design. This ensures that users can access the system from almost any device. This gives hitherto unseen levels of access for authorised parties to: instant management information, deliver immediate remedial training solutions to generate maximum compliance adherence throughout the organisation, business reporting for peace of mind and extensive training and communication tools to engage staff and deliver results.

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